Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ServerURL and Callback Server URL in SOA 11g, 10G

This question or need for setting property really arises when you want a cluster setup or predominantly when you have a software or a hardware load-balancer which takes the requests and routs.

In 10g We would configure this Call back url and server URL by following steps:

  1. Set the soapServerURL and the soapCallbackUrl to the same value as the load balancer URL:
    1. Open the ORACLE_HOME/bpel/system/config/collaxa-config.xml file.
    2. Set the soapServerUrl and soapCallbackUrl to the HTTPS URL, so that the entries resemble the following:
          <property id="soapServerUrl">
              <name>BPEL soap server URL</name>
          <property id="soapCallbackUrl">
              <name>BPEL soap callback URL</name>
  2. Restart the OC4J_SOA instances on both computers.

Source: Oracle® Application Server Enterprise Deployment Guide 10g Release 3 (
Part Number B28939-03
Section: Section: 3.1.12 Configuring the Cluster of BPEL Instances

Now the same can be achieved in 11g by following the steps from:

1. Right Click on SOA-INFRA component in the left navigation tree. Go to Soa Administration --> Common Properties 

2. Set the CallBackServerURL and the ServerURL to  http://deskLinux:8001 and click Save button

3. Restart SOA server to activate the changes . The URL should now be modified for all composites.

Source: Thanks to Mihai's Blog.
ServerURL and Callback Server URL in SOA 11g

Document: Oracle® Fusion Middleware Enterprise Deployment Guide for Oracle SOA Suite 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
Part Number E12036-01

Section: 5.17 Setting the Frontend HTTP Host and Port - Callback URL

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