Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Oracle SOA JMS Adapter Tuning - Number of Inbound Threads

To improve performance, the adapter.jms.receive.threads property can be tuned for an adapter service. The default value is 1, but multiple inbound threads can be used to improve performance. When specified, the value of adapter.jms.receive.threads is used to spawn multiple inbound poller threads.

For example:

<service name="dequeue" ui:wsdlLocation="dequeue.wsdl">
<interface.wsdl interface="http://xmlns.oracle.com/pcbpel/adapter/jms/textmessageusingqueues/textmessageusingqueues/dequeue%2F#wsdl.interface(Consume_Message_ptt)"/>
<binding.jca config="dequeue_jms.jca">
<property name="adapter.jms.receive.threads" type="xs:string" many="false">10</property>

These setting need to be done in 10g - BPEL.xml or 11g Composite.xml

In this case  there will be 10 concurrently processing threads.

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