Thursday, 10 March 2011

Oracle 11g DB vs Microsoft SQL 2008

Once when I visited one of my friends, My friend and I had a (so called healthy) Debate between Oracle 11g DB vs Microsoft SQL 2008.

I was towards oracle's performance and high cost and my friend was towards MS DB and its benifits of being low cost and may be better performance...

After a while... this kind of continued in a email... My friend sent me this PDF document

Twelve ways to reduce costs with SQL Server 2008 - White paper1.pdf

For my review and reading....

As a counter response or you can say to continue the healthier side of the debate... I sent the below response...

Hi Friend,

Had some time in hand to read the PDF that you sent me... thanks for this... now as this is in front of the table...looks like I was right 100%...

Now the Twelve ways to reduce costs with SQL Server 2008 - White paper1.pdf that you attached talks only about cost and cost reduction... and I believe I agreed that Oracle is very very very expensive compared to MS 2008 and I believe I also stated only Enterprise Architecture budget can only offered Oracle... this document does not tell any thing about performance and benchmark comparison with matching cost ....

Now I believe this PDF that you have provided is a sales pitched document.... now I would like to provide my side of refference:

Comparative Management Costs Stud - By Edison group    ---> this is not an oracle document.... (Thanks to google in helping me find one) ... 

A third party comparative Study, this is cost with performance and DBA Management.... Read the conclusion of both, your reference and my reference, and you will know what I was really about and how they compare.... But do read the report in detail for knowledge sake...

The fact speaks out in terms of comparative  study....

Hope this helps you get some insight in comparison. I believe this was a healthy debate.



  1. Actually it is worth while to put the conclusions of both the Documents here....

    Twelve ways to reduce costs with SQL Server 2008 - White paper1.pdf

    Concludes as:

    In a challenging economic climate, SQL Server can help you to save money, gain business insights, and drive revenue so that your organization can maintain the competitive edge that it needs right now, and be better positioned to take advantage as the economy recovers.


    Comparative Management Costs Stud - By Edison group

    Concludes as:

    This CMCS study represents our detailed analysis of Oracle Database 11g and Microsoft
    SQL Server 2008 in the area of manageability. The study demonstrates not only that
    DBAs can perform routine administrative functions more quickly with Oracle, but that
    these functions are quantifiably easier to perform.
    The key factors behind Oracle’s superior manageability are self-monitoring and
    diagnostic capabilities, and the increased automation of many otherwise manual but
    vital DBA tasks such as SQL tuning, space management, and performance diagnostics.
    These manageability advantages translate into substantial management cost savings for
    businesses along with higher reliability and availability of their systems.

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