Monday, 4 April 2011

How to Trace or Debug Database for issues / How to setup Tracing in database.

often during integration testing we encounter ORA Data base errors,  In this case we are debugging ORA- 02074 error.

here is how we can get more info about the tracing.

You need to set the command as below to you DB:

alter system set events '2074 trace name errorstack level 3';

If you would like to know more about the alter system set events command please

Oracle event trace types - by Burleson Consulting

When you set the above command and reproduce the issue, what ever that might be, look into the Alert_xxx.log file for statements such as below

Mon Apr 04 10:31:34 2011
Errors in file <Path>/trace/<InstanceName>_ora_20926.trc:
ORA-02074: cannot SET NLS in a distributed transaction
Mon Apr 04 10:31:36 2011
Errors in file <Path>/trace/<InstanceName>_ora_20950.trc:
ORA-02074: cannot SET NLS in a distributed transaction

This file gives the trace file name which contains the session dumps. In order to read the trace file, I believe you need extensive DBA skills. But do give it a shot.

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