Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How to Enable Oracle BPEL Debugger in Oracle SOA MRL#1

In this section I will provide you with steps to enable BPEL Debugger in Oracle SOA suite MRL#1.

If you read this document: Oracle® Application Server Release Notes and New Features
10g Release 3 ( Part Number E15342-03


5.8.4 Debugging BPEL Processes and Instances from Oracle BPEL Control

Note: This feature is only available MLR#1 onwords 

It tells you about how you can debug BPEL processes and instances from Oracle BPEL Control with the BPEL debugger.

But before you can start working on or using this feature, you need enable the debugging feature.

Follow the below steps to enable debugging in Oracle BPEL PM:

1. Edit File <SOA_HOME>\bpel\domains\default\config\domain.xml.

2. Add or make changes to domain.xml as below:

<property id="enableDebugger">

3. A table is required for debugger that is not created by default in the ORABPEL schema.

   To create the table.

   Execute this script by logging into database with orabpel as user.


4. Restart the BPEL server. 

hope this helps.

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