Thursday, 17 May 2012

Enterprise Integration EAI vs SOA vs ESB

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Had some time to browse the net and to brush up on the basics. Came across this interesting paper presentation in the site

ggatz Consulting

Though the site was basic with not much information, I continued reading the paper presented by an author: Anurag Goel.I could not find out the age of the paper as could not find the Source location or date of the article.

I found the article from this link:

I have also made the paper available here.

Note: The copyright of the article belongs to the Author.

This paper takes us through the comparison of EAI, SOA and ESB and their current/future role in the IT integration Industry. Also explains the relevance between EAI Patterns and current so called SOA Integration Patterns.

I like the summary section, as follows (on page 6):

1. SOA brings cost effective, reusable and low lead time solutions to an organization
but EAI and SOA are both going to coexist.
2. SOA is more then web services, in fact web services alone can not handle the
complex, secure and SLA based applications of an enterprise.
3. Enterprise service bus would enable low cost integration and would be used by
companies with limited IT resources
4. Packaged EAI solutions in future would have SOA as basic tenet and would continue
to be the prime choice for large scale integration.

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