Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oracle AIA PIP 2.5 10g Certification Matrix

If you are looking for certification matrix for AIA PIP 2.5 with Oracle Fusion Midleware SOA please have a look at the below link:


Source: Oracle.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Migrating SOA (Oracle Fusion Middleware) from 10g to 11g - Certification Matrix.

If you are upgrading from SOA (Oracle Fusion Middleware) 10g to 11g and wondering about what products will run on what Database and Operating Systems:

Visit this certification page from Oracle:


And you might want to  view xls files within this page for any specific product certifications.

Source: Oracle.

What is good about SOA? -- CEO Point of View.

SOA enables development of a new generation of dynamic enterprise applications that address a number of business concerns that are central to growth and competitiveness. SOA solutions promote and promise number of benefits to an enterprise, e.g. enhanced decision making, stronger connection with customers and partners, more productive and flexible applications etc. 

Source: Oracle.

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